Welcome To

Shafia's World!

Build Climber and Train Stopper

You might saw me jumping, climbing buildings, and stopping trains. But nobody pays me a dime for that work. That's why I am learning and mastering web development. I will not stop until I become the Web Development Hero.


Dream Big

Become a web developer

I already learned the basic HTML and CSS. I can build any simple website. I can even teach my grandma how to make simple website. My goal is to build 3 websites and learn advanced topics.



Professional Web Developer

2022-Present | Pro Level Developer

I am the master of HTML, CSS and Javascript. I know everything needed to make a website function, efficient. I didn't stop with the web. I went beyond with most popular Javascript framework called Vue JS. I even know the deployment, server and security. I will give you 100% web solution.

Junior Web Developer

2021-2022 | Programming Hero Learner

They didn't offer me a job. But I made myself as a remove web developer. I made their website and showed it to them. They liked it. And uploaded the content. It was fun working at Programming Hero.